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The Secret of Good Digestion – Food Combining

Our digestive system and body in general, is functioning properly if it has a good: digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination.

The Secret Of Good Digestion Food Combining

Food Combining For Digestion

When digestive function is slow, food has the opportunity to putrefy and ferment in your digestive tract making you feel heavy, fatigued, bloated or experience acid reflux. In the long run this can cause chronic issues like IBS, chronic constipation, skin issues, bad breath, weight gain and many others – all as the result of your elimination system not working properly.

Consequently poor digestion can also contribute to malnutrition, even if you think you’re eating a decent clean diet, you don’t absorb the necessary nutrients from your food. Your body is too busy with toxins and inflammation at this point.

Knowing the digestion times and planning your meals accordingly can really help in alleviating problems of digestion. Proteins and fats can take up to 3 hours to digest, starches are generally digested in 2 hours, and fruit takes 30 minutes or less.
It is also important to focus on your food and avoid doing something else while eating. This includes watching TV, reading, typing and whatever you think you’re good at. Your mind being  focused on something else, blocks the feeling of satisfaction. Chew well and eat slow, as a result your stomach will let you know that it has expanded to its capacity by giving you the feeling of being full.

5 Main Rules Of Food Combining

chicken and potatoes

1. Proteins with starches

 Fermentation of carbohydrates will inhibit the digestion of the protein as a result – gas, bloating and discomfort will be produced. Proteins include any meat, but also nuts, seeds, and beans. Starches are grains as well as starchy vegetables like potatoes, squashes, pumpkin, peas, corn, and artichokes. Proteins and starches combine well with green, leafy vegetables and non-starchy vegetables.
fruits for healing

2. Fruits should be eaten alone or with other fruits.

Eat fruit 30-60 minutes before dinner. Fruits digest so quickly that by the time they reach your stomach, they are already partially digested. If they are combined with other foods, they will rot and ferment.

Eat melon separate

3. Never eat melons with any other food including other fruits.

 Melons like honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon have a very high water content and digest even faster than the other food including other fruits.
Don't combine more types of protein in one meal

 4. Two or more concentrated proteins.

Do not eat nuts, eggs, cheese, milk and meat, etc., or combine two types of meat with fish at one meal. This means that a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon or a slice of pizza is not a very good idea. It will take double the time to digest.
drink water during meal

5. Do not drink during a meal.

It is recommended drinking a half hour before meals and up to an hour after meals. If you absolutely must, take small sips only to wash down food—otherwise, you risk diluting your stomach’s hydrochloric acid, which is essential to break down food properly. It can slow down digestion. Especially avoid cold or iced drinks.
don't eat dessert after meal

Another important thing: It’s crucial to not eat dessert after a meal. When you do, it gets trapped in your stomach with all that other food, where it starts to rot. Instead dessert should be considered a serving that you substitute for another portion maybe once in a few days. 

If you think you have no digestive issues and these rules don’t apply to you, it means you don’t experience any acid reflux, food intolerance, hemorroids, gas, bad breath, bloating; you have at least one bowel movement per day and you don’t take any pills, well… lucky you, you’re an exception!

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