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Self Care Planner (PDF) Journal – Assess, Track and Plan

Enhance your well-being with this self-care planner and tracker, meticulously designed to guide your daily, weekly, and monthly self-assessment and action planning. It’s the perfect tool to help you prioritize your health and develop habits for a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Self-care Planning & Tracking

The self-care planner (it’s more like an all-in one life journal) includes a comprehensive approach, covering physical, mental, emotional, personal development, spiritual, professional and social goal setting and tracking. Invest in yourself for less than $15!

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What’s Included in This Self-care Planner / Tracker / Journal

  • 1 PDF Self-care planner (32 pages total) – instant download. This planner can be printed, or used as a digital self-care planner – in a note taking app (pdf annotation software), just upload this PDF file in the app and handwrite your notes.


This self-care planner and tracker is made to add pages as you go. Means you can omit or duplicate the pages as many times as you need. You can prin separate pages and stick on the fridge as you need them! And keep the rest for later.

The PDF Pages Include The Following

  • Assesment and reflective questions ment to identify your self-care needs in life (general phisical well-being, nutrition, diet, phisical activity, mental and emotional, general life areas etc.
  • Self-body checks in a table (scaning and tracking areas of your phisical body for pain, tension or anything out of the ordinary and tracking variations month over month).
  • Wheel of life tool (helps you understand what you can do to make your life more balanced by rating the main 8 life categories (health, personal growth, friends, finance, career, spirituality, recreation, relationships) from 1 to 10.
  • Fillabe checklist with self-care activities that you can do in the morning, during the day and evening by category: Health, (fitness, diet, beauty) recreation, hobbies, home comfort, spirituality and personal growth, relationships, family and friends, finances and work life.
PDF Self-care planner (32 pages total) - instant download. This planner can be printed, or used as a digital self-care planner - in a note taking app. This self-care life planner (it's more like an all-in one journal) includes a holistic approach, covering physical, mental, emotional, personal development, spiritual, professional, financial and social goal setting and tracking. Includes checklists with self-care activities, planners, reflective questions, tracking tables, and detailed self-care review / overview on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
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  • Weekly self- care checklist (a list of suggested self-care activities that you can check and track week by week).
  • My Ideal self-care routine (write how your ideal self-care routine would look like on weekdays and on week-ends).
  • Week (7- day) habbit tracker. Keeping track of your habits and filling out goals (self-care steps) and marking them off each day as you successfully complete them.
  • A general table with life goals. It provides categories (phisical body, mental and emotional health, friends, family, financial, work, career, school, personal growth, spirituality) where you can write down things you are doing well and where you need improvement and what you want to achieve.
  • SMART Montly Goals where you can be more specific for each goal (where you write what, how, where and when you can accomplish the goal). Print as many pages for each moth as you need.
  • Understanding Goals Chart – helps you understand the ultimate importance of your goal, why you need or want it.
  • Detailed monthly self-care review / overview (strengths and what you’ve accomplished, what you’re grateful for, weaknesses and difficulties, self-care activities that helped with coping and improving and which ones were the least beneficial, mood review and a list of tracked habits).
  • Weekly self-care review / overview – series of questions that will help assess the passed week.
  • General mood tracker (for every day) – for identifing emotional patterns, changes and triggers and to enhance self-awareness.
  • Mood tracking assesment – a series of reflective questions that can help you understand the factors that influence your mood, identify triggers, and potentially guide changes to enhance your emotional well-being.
  • Monthly planner for your goals with space for big dates and notes.
  • Weekly planner for each day of the week with space for writing the goals of the week and important appointments.
  • Daily planner (where you can register your schedule, mood, weather, phisical activities, nutrition, water intake, do to list, top priorities, things that made you happy that day, also wake-up and bed-time).
  • Weekly meal planner with a grocery shopping list.
  • Vitamin supplement tracker for the whole year (just print a page for each month) where you can track all supplements weekly and daily.
  • Personal development tracker week by week – intended to track your progress and your continuous self-improvement in skills, knowledge, and personal achievements.
  • Monthly budget tracker (where you can register your budget goals, actual income, expenses and savings) to help reach clarity in your financial situation and set new goals for reaching financial freedom.


This self-care digital planner here is an instant digital download file. No physical item will be shipped.

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