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Money Saving Organizing Ideas For Every Room

Looking for organizing ideas for your walk in closet, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? Here are some space and money saving organizing ideas that can keep every room beautifully sorted out! 

Money and space saving organization ideas for the entire home, whether you’re looking for to organize your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, kid’s room, mudroom or nursery, these storage and organization tips will declutter you house and maximize you storage space.

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Your home may look clean but the aspect of how some items are stored and displayed look unattractive or even take more space than necessary.

Whether you need more under bed storage, shoe storage, kitchen drawer or cabinet organization, under sink organization, over the door storage or organizer for your pantry or any other room, here are several tips on how to organize every room of your house in order to look neat and functional:

Shoe Storage And Organizing Ideas

These organizers will keep your shoes off the floor in the closet and you will easily see all your shoes at a glance. There are many shoe racks and organizers but you can choose the one that fits you the most: a hanging shoe organizer, an over the door shoe rack, a shoe storage bench, or an under bed shoe organizer.

I like the ottoman organizer or the shoe storage bench in particular because besides saving useful living space they really dress up your room giving it a sophisticated yet modern look:

Mini Shoe Ottoman/ Bench

Shoe Ottoman Storage

Folding Ottoman Storage

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Under Bed Organizers

Standing Shoe Racks

If you don’t feel like spending more money and want to save some on storage solutions, then you can try some DIY shoe storage ideas like these:

Clothes Storage Ideas 

These collapsible fabric storage bins with see-through window are my favorite, I bought 6 of them so far and I use them to store clothes between seasons, including heavy blankets, comforters. These fabric storage containers and units are also good for towing away towels, toys, books and other household items.

If you’re looking for cheap dresser alternatives for clothes because the traditional ones (or the wall mounted closet organizers) are too expensive and heavy, then you can opt for portable dresser alternatives like these:

Collapsible Fabric Storage Bins / Boxes
Portable Wardrobe Closet
Cube Storage Unit

If you find yourself throwing your clothes in your dresser, a drawer organizer / divider will help you sort whatever you have in there. It will allow you to fit more into that space and will also be able to see your clothing options better.

The under shelf storage boxes and the drawer organizers are great for socks, leggings, bras and underwear. Also they are convenient because you can carry the drawer where it’s needed. 

Collapsible Storage Box With Window

Under Shelf Closet Organizer

Under Bed Storage Containers / Bins

Another bedroom dresser alternative (for small spaces) if you don’t have drawers or a dresser, is an over the door organizer. Hanging your belongings over the door will maximize wardrobe and floor space.

Hanging pocket organizers are also very convenient for ties, jewelry and cosmetics. The most I like about these hanging pocket organizers is the folding design which allows it to be tucked away when not in use. They are great for bedroom closet and laundry room, helps to keep your towels, detergents, soaps neatly organized.

Drawer Organizer / Divider

Great for Underwear, Bra, Socks, Tie, Lingerie, Panties, Leggings

Drawer Divider

Expandable drawer divider

Bathroom Organizing Ideas

For extra functional space in the shower, a caddy over the shower door is a great bathroom organizer for storing shower accessories. You can also hang over the bathroom door – wicker & metal baskets – for storing cleaning supplies, towels and beauty products.

For a small space area and over the toilet storage is important. Adding some storage shelves over the toilet is perfect for toiletries and towels, also you can display some decorations if you want a sophisticated design. For even cheaper alternatives you can opt for mesh hangers for bath toys and shampoo bottles.

Caddy Over The Shower Door

Shelf Organizer Countertop

Over the Toilet Storage Shelf

Bath Toy Organizer

Over The Door Organizer

Have a lot of counter pace? Then choose an over the sink shelf rack, this makes keeping the counter clean and organized. A wall mounted mason jar organizer works well for holding items such as toothbrushes, Q-Tips, makeup brushes, etc.  You can also decorate your bathroom with a rustic farm style wrought-iron piece holding supplies of soaps and cosmetics.

Bathroom Under Sink Cabinet Organizer

Countertop Organizer

Wall Mounted Mason Jars

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Store spices, baking ingredients, snacks in containers. Use the pantry door, the sides of your cabinets and walls for hanging storage solutions. Use drawer dividers to organize utensils and maximize cabinet space with pots and pans organizer bottle racks.

Wall Mount Fruit Basket Holder

Refrigerator and Freezer Bins

Bin Display Organizer

Fruit Display Wire Basket

Hanging Fruit Baskets

Stackable baskets

Other Kitchen Storage Ideas And Hacks


Entryway / Mudroom Organizing & Storage Ideas

Whether you need just a simple functional shelf displaying small decorative items or an all-in-one unit with a mudroom bench, hooks, and shelves, you can get creative and choose according to your budget, available space and imagination. Use wall hooks, shelves, baskets, bookcases and racks to keep everything looking neat.

Entryway organizer

Storage Bench With Coat Rack

Hanging Mail Holder

Nursery & Kid’s Room Organization Ideas

Think ahead about how you’re going to organize your nursery. Al those diapers, wipes, bottles, toys and clothes need their own place to be easily used.

Put into practice storage solutions including bins, baskets, shelves, cubes and pockets and create simple ways to store all baby items without having the need of a traditional closet system.

If you don’t to invest in a dresser, consider storing baby’s clothing in a over the door or crib pocket organizers, hanging organizers,  little bins and cubes for bibs, socks and other little extras.

Over Crib Hanging Organizer With Pockets

Over Door Nursery Organizer 

Nursery Hanging Organizer

Other Nursery Organization Ideas

Baby closet organizers will provide the necessary extra storage in your baby’s nursery. I found that the hanging organizers are my favorite of all nursery organization items, especially when you have limited drawer space.
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